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  1. MDG
    Fingers crossed.
  2. Bil
    Billycasper MDG
    Yeah I think I've seen the pics on Facebook now you mention it. No doubt I'll see you on Saturday down at Oakwell. Another 3 points in the bag hopefully!
  3. MDG
    Quite a few, was a good night out. I set a group up on fbook, quite a few pics on there.
  4. Bil
    Billycasper MDG
    Yeah I think I was away on holiday when that happened. Did many turn up for it?
  5. MDG
    We had a 25 yr re-union back in 2017..
  6. Bil
    Billycasper MDG
    Yeah that's me. Nice bit of detective work lol
  7. MDG
    Ah, yeah, Robert Ward.. I thought Ward but for some reason didn't click Robert lol. Yeah you sit about 2 rows in front of me in the Ponty..
  8. Bil
    Billycasper MDG
    My parents had a shop down Honeywell when you lived on Rockingham Street
  9. MDG
    Only RW I can think of at moment is Robert Whitehouse?
  10. MDG
    Yeah.. Trying to think of someone on KL with your initials.. Well it is 27 yrs ago lol..
  11. Bil
    Billycasper MDG
    Matthew Green?
  12. Winker
    Winker Scholesisgod
  13. Winker
    Winker Scholesisgod
    just logged in if thas got another two let us know went to bed early yesterday CHEERS MATE
  14. the
    Badly as chuff
  15. twi
    twillo KingBenny92
    They've asked Dale Tonge pal. I accidentally mentioned it in a previous post and deleted cos thought I'd get a bollocking haha
  16. John Peachy
    John Peachy DodworthRover
    Hello. Not sure if you know how hard it is to make a living doing music. I'm not a rock star. I'm actually a really nice bloke, who happens to know a **** load about music. Saturday is the day I make most of my money as a DJ & and an agent. Please grow up, or have the balls to face up to me in person.
  17. fol
    Keef Hill will he still be Rochdale boss when we play em
  18. tyk
    tyketastic Gally
    Wouldn't mind some vpn help if you can pal. I have nord vpn which I use for downloading certain tv shows. When I've tried to set to another country for ifollow the site says restricted access from my location.
  19. gladius111
    gladius111 Cunning Stunt
    Yes I would be glad to purchase the mag and l will buy any further issues that you print
    If you send me details of a PayPal account that I can pay into
    I will also pay postage
    Happy Easter
  20. Hooky feller
    Hooky feller Monkey Boy
    Pm me or ring 07790 615483.