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  1. Hooky feller
    Hooky feller judith charmers
    Match ticket come spare if not sorted . 07790615483
  2. fat
    fatalbert Gally
    Hi Gally, I live a long way from Barnsley and sadly can't make the Bristol match live and I understand Ifollow is not available--any ideas please how I can watch the match?
  3. jax2
    jax2 gingerwizard
    Did you receive my reply
  4. gingerwizard
    gingerwizard jax2
    Hi , would you take £120?
    1. jax2
      Apr 18, 2019
    2. jax2
      Can collect later tonight or i can bring it to the game tonorrow.
      Apr 18, 2019
  5. tomaiba
  6. Spa
    Sparkfield red Gally
    Nothing come through Gally
  7. thetykester
  8. Mr Badger
  9. MDG
    Fingers crossed.
  10. Bil
    Billycasper MDG
    Yeah I think I've seen the pics on Facebook now you mention it. No doubt I'll see you on Saturday down at Oakwell. Another 3 points in the bag hopefully!
  11. MDG
    Quite a few, was a good night out. I set a group up on fbook, quite a few pics on there.
  12. Bil
    Billycasper MDG
    Yeah I think I was away on holiday when that happened. Did many turn up for it?
  13. MDG
    We had a 25 yr re-union back in 2017..
  14. Bil
    Billycasper MDG
    Yeah that's me. Nice bit of detective work lol
  15. MDG
    Ah, yeah, Robert Ward.. I thought Ward but for some reason didn't click Robert lol. Yeah you sit about 2 rows in front of me in the Ponty..
  16. Bil
    Billycasper MDG
    My parents had a shop down Honeywell when you lived on Rockingham Street
  17. MDG
    Only RW I can think of at moment is Robert Whitehouse?
  18. MDG
    Yeah.. Trying to think of someone on KL with your initials.. Well it is 27 yrs ago lol..
  19. Bil
    Billycasper MDG
    Matthew Green?
  20. Winker
    Winker Scholesisgod