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  1. Sco
  2. JackTatty
    JackTatty Conan Troutman
    Only messing.
    1. Con
      Conan Troutman
      It's my siege mentality that caused me to react.
      Jul 20, 2017 at 10:30 AM
  3. Wal
  4. Wal
  5. Sucram
    Barnsley Supporter for over 30 Years. Here to bring you News, Rumours, Polls, Vids, on everthing Barnsley FC. Twitter @Sucram1971
  6. Cornish Tyke
    Cornish Tyke
    Reports of my death are a little over exaggerated..
  7. 36 Chambers
    36 Chambers
    Feeling sick & tired of feeling sick & tired
  8. Andy F
    Andy F
    Hello my name is Andy and I have been a keen Barnsley fan way back to the Barry Murphy days. I am a current season ticket holder.
  9. LDRed
    Getting drunk and bullying pigeons.
  10. gaz180
    Looking forward to new season starting #COYR
  11. tosh
    tosh fired
    I need username and password details again for use with Opera browser. I have emailed but go on reply.
  12. Dragon Tyke
    Dragon Tyke RedMonk
    just done the subs 130 euro.... seems to work , but I wonder if it will give me the live matches...time will tell
  13. Bra
    Starting to get interesting
  14. Con
    Conan Troutman Redstar
    On dinner nar
  15. Con
    Conan Troutman Redstar
    Hey up - dinner at quarter past
  16. red
    redrum andytyke
    Thanks andy I've ordered a android box was abit unsure about smooth streams as it means paying via bit coin and I have never done that before. I tested another iptv host last night ultimate sport on my pc and that worked great thanks for the help
  17. red
    redrum andytyke
    Hi andytyke needing an alternative now cs has.gone you seem quite clued up on these things so looking for some advice. Thinking about signing upto smooth streams would I get the brook fight on it? Also I do not yet have a android box could you recommend a decent one? Thanks
    1. andytyke
      Yeah you would get Brooke fight via smooth streams. As for android boxes, depends what you want to spend. I have amazon tv box but have to use smooth streams via kodi on it because the app doesn't work on it. (Needs google play services) My kids both have a 30 quid android box and they have been great. They are all the same tbh just buy one with the latest android software on
      May 21, 2017
  18. higgybaby
  19. leebrilleaux
    The blues had a baby (and they called it rock and roll)
  20. clownered2
    finally got a job!!