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  1. John Peachy
    John Peachy
    I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.
  2. W1zz
    W1zz Denihol
    I’m on-route. Missus and kids decided not to go. I don’t have print out of spare tickets on me.
    1. Den
      I will try show them via my phone mate
      May 6, 2018
    2. Den
      Ring me mate. If i can get in I'll pass you a fiver. It's only fair.

      May 6, 2018
  3. W1zz
    W1zz Denihol
    I’ve printed. Never tried using phone.
    1. Den
      Are you not going then?
      May 6, 2018
  4. W1zz
    W1zz Denihol
    Email sent
  5. W1zz
    W1zz Denihol
    Hi Den, send us your email and you can have adult ticket. No charge. Will only get wasted.
    1. Den
    2. Den
      Thank you so much.

      Do i have to print it off or can i just show them PDF with bar code on it?
      May 6, 2018
  6. Den
    Denihol KyoteTyke
    You got any tickets for the beam back?
  7. Turvey Tyke
    Turvey Tyke B1ndy
    Hiya Mate. I was looking for that Wimbledon programme on Ebay last night and it wasnt there. Its not rare so keep checking. Why do you need it ??

  8. B1n
    B1ndy Matt1575
    Hi Matt, I was reading something on this forum that indicated you collect old football programmes. I wonder if you can help me track down one programme from 1977/78 season Barnsley v Wimbledon, Div 4 ? Would be much appreciated, thank you
  9. RedKestrel
  10. Geo
    GeorgeRobledo Greybeard
    Hi. Interested to see you were a me!! How long did you officiate? I did 23 years in all ...including Central League and Football league line.
  11. Sch
    Scholesisgod kernow
    Heyup mate any chance of the link
  12. sadbrewer
    sadbrewer kernow
    Hi Kernow...I wouldn't mind it if still available...cheers
  13. pin
    pingiskola kernow
    Hi mate

    Could you send the link for the fight please?

    Thanks Ian
  14. monkey tennis
  15. Geddis memorial lav
  16. kernow
    Barnsley through and through now exiled in Cornwall
  17. Dar
    Patience. Exciting times are on the way.
  18. springvale red
    springvale red redarmychris
    Hi Chris, thanks for the updates on transfers, ignore the bell ends all your info is much appreciated
  19. dav
  20. Rea
    ReadingRed redarmychris
    Hi Chris,
    Sorry for the unsolicited message.
    Not saying you are any kind of oracle, but seem to talk sense
    Do you think the McGeehan loan was put in place to possibly ease through a reverse transaction in the form of Adelakun?