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  1. David_Upper_East
    New to the group. First watched Barnsley in about 1954 when my dad took me to my first game.
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  2. arabian_ian
    Once An Arab, Always An Arab
  3. Dar
    Keep tho nuaz art.
  4. Rob
    Robert_Goulet Nick Hayes
    Get some work done!
  5. La Dent de Crolles
    La Dent de Crolles
    Watching from Asia!!!
  6. Old Tyke
    Old Tyke
    A Tyke since 1960 the eternAL optimist!
  7. 55&counting
    The future is bright the future is Red.
  8. JackTatty
    JackTatty andytyke
    Please do something about Nudger
  9. JackTatty
    JackTatty Gally
    Please do something about Nudger
  10. JackTatty
    JackTatty Conan Troutman
    You over Nudger any day mate and if you ever think I over step the Mark with you I apologise.
  11. Sco
  12. JackTatty
    JackTatty Conan Troutman
    Only messing.
    1. Con
      Conan Troutman
      It's my siege mentality that caused me to react.
      Jul 20, 2017
  13. Wal
  14. Wal
  15. Cornish Tyke
    Cornish Tyke
    Reports of my death are a little over exaggerated..
  16. 36 Chambers
    36 Chambers
    Feeling sick & tired of feeling sick & tired
  17. Andy F
    Andy F
    Hello my name is Andy and I have been a keen Barnsley fan way back to the Barry Murphy days. I am a current season ticket holder.
  18. LDRed
    Getting drunk and bullying pigeons.
  19. gaz180
    Looking forward to new season starting #COYR
  20. tosh
    tosh fired
    I need username and password details again for use with Opera browser. I have emailed but go on reply.