As promised, this is a statement of the latest financial position regarding the fund raising for the Patrick Cryne flag.

Both PayPal and Crowd Funding take a significant commission from the amounts. For PayPal it's 3.4% (which is why I can't believe how many people use it!) and for Crowd Funding it's 6%. I'm not totally sure how this commission is deducted, so the figures below are estimates until we get a full breakdown.

Anyway, here goes: -

Total value donated on Crowd Funding = 1051.00
PayPal commission 3.4% taken off donations = 35.73
Net Crowd Fund value = 1051.00 - 35.73 = 1015.27
Crowd Funding commission 6% = 60.92
Net funds to be returned to us = 1015.27 - 60.92 = 954.35
Direct donations (Brush, Anon, Lepton Red, me) = 140.00
Latest fund value = 954.35 + 140.00 = 1094.35

Flag cost already paid = 1054.80
Surplus as at 15th November 2016 = 1094.35 - 1054.80 = 39.55

One more poster, Robledo, has pledged a donation but for some reason he can't get my PM. If anyone knows him could they "prod" him. If anyone else wants to make a donation please email me [email protected] for the bank account details.

The final surplus will be donated to a charity of our choice. I suggest we leave that until the date of the Forest match, 25th November, to give more time for a few stragglers to donate.

Thank you to everyone for a magnificent effort!