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  1. Made a graph that puts the season into perspective. January doesn't seem all that deleterious judging by this.

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  2. Yes it does look at the gradients. We were closer to the relegation points at the season end than we were at the end of January so our form since end of Jan is relegation form. The fact that we were virtually safe in Jan is what saved us doing a Wigan
  3. I would argue that after 20 games (just 5 games before the start of the January transfer window) we were closer to the relegation zone than at season end. We had a good January in terms of points, but if you look at the gradient through just before Jan into Jan, it seems to take us to maybe just into the play-offs. That's assuming we could keep that up for the rest of the season, which is unlikely looking at the games before hand.

    I totally get your point, and accept that had we stretched those last 10ish games out over the season, it's relegation form. If you look at games 5 to 15-ish (a similar timeframe to the end of season dip in form) that is also relegation form, well before January.
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  4. Another 10 games we would have been relegated. That's the impact of January.

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  5. That's opinion, not fact.

    There's nothing to say we couldnt have another upturn in form, as we did around game 18 of the season.
  6. It is as is your supposition that our relegation form would suddenly stop. I know who's right. Earlier in the season we were playing well and losing there was always hope. Post January there wasn't. You can spin things in anyway you like. The only reason we avoided relegation was that we ran out of games.
  7. That's why it's called a season because then it doesn't go on forever, you can't say that we only stayed up because we ran out of games, because then I can say we only didn't win the Premiership because we ran out of games, it's about what you do across 46 games that counts, not the extra 10 games your creating to try and prove a point.
  8. There is no point other than anyone who doesn't think January had an impact on our season is probably escaped from some asylum. We can go la la la and pretend it didn't.

    It doesn't mean we can't change things doesn't mean it will always be the same. Doesn't mean that we should have done things differently.
  9. You must be taking the piss.
  10. Can somebody do a graph showing Kayodi Odejayi was a better striker than Alan Shearer?

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