Big important news about the Blunts!

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  1. Ok here it is in full colour, I think we need to watch this serious clip about Sheff United, and leave your comments below!!

    And see if you can watch this and keep a straight face... :D
  2. Typical Wednesday fans being that arrogant they've overlooked the fact that Sheff U have actually been promoted as champions.
  3. The cocky Wednesday fools have even forgotten that Burton play in the same league as them ! Arrogant pricks.
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    Come on Getra, did you believe me that this was actually breaking 'new' news ? :eek:
    This video is not a new one, its been doing the rounds on youtube for the last 2 years to this very day actually (May 19th, 2015).
    And whether its done by some ignorant Fowls or not, its still some hilarious anti-Blunt quality and we must have a giggle at that sort of thing. :D
    Do you not find it funny at all then ?
  5. It's a few years old now but it still makes me chuckle.
  6. No.
  7. Exactly Mario, and I bet that shaggy doggy in your avatar would also find it funny wouldnt he lol. :p
  8. That's my Charlie and he howls with laughter at anything that pokes fun at the blunts. He's a very well trained little dog.
  9. Well give the lad a little tickle on the belly and a nice beefy doggy biscuit from me eh Mario. I love to hear of anti-Blunt doggies like this. :D
  10. He sends his thanks.

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