Child Friendly places to meet up pre match???

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  1. Looking for a suitable meeting place where we can get a pre match beer, but will be ok for kids. We've got a couple of young ones with us (4 and 5) so we don't want a scene from Wellington Street 11pm!.
    Any suggetsions?
  2. Beer tents and food stalls downs side of the river outside of the ground acording to mates who went last season with wednesday,well organised ideal for families,were taking 4 year old and heading there.
  3. When we went to LDV Final the best places fir kids seemed to the hotels
    (if they let non residents in). No problems just very busy around the centre of Cardiff
  4. They had the beer marquee in the castle grounds for the visit of england but haven't heard anything for this play off game, will find out for you if you like? its in a place called coopers field i believe, saying that a lot of the pubs were shut last month when we went so dont know if it was police requests or they just didn't need the money from people it reminds me of the old signs on pubs way back when "no blacks, no dogs, no irish no swansea folk" strange that we suposidly live in a civilised society yet we all get tarred with the Sh***y brush. oh well heres hoping this visit is different as dont fancy waiting almost an hour to get served in a pub using filthy glasses, we can all live in hope.
  5. Hoping to get in The Yard.

    Reckon most will be child friendly when there's a game

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