Conor Hourihane- "Won 8 outta 10 before today and we get boo'd at half time....."

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  1. Disappointing if true.
  2. Can't argue mate....I blame BarnsleyLoyal
  3. lol why dissapointing? Oh I forgot the BBS decided footballers aren't allowed thoughts after the hammill incident.
  4. One of the most annoying things about supporting our club is the morons who boo at half-time if we're losing.
    Daft thing is the very same people clap them onto the pitch when they came back on after the break.
  5. No suprise few on here were posting the hecky out threads after going a goal down. Hope they are feeling guilty and turn up Tuesday night and get behind the players 110%
  6. Being a football fan is simple.

    Boo when losing. Cheer when winning. Moan when drawing.
  7. That's bad if true but it must have been a minority surely.?
  8. Never booed today but wasn't happy with the 1st half performance .

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  9. Disappointing to hear that people were booing... obviously.
  10. Doesn't matter how many we'd won.

    Don't approve of the boo.

    But I suppose if we were crap for the first half, then a boo might well be an objective response to sacrificing a day and hard earned cash to watching tosh.

    Anyway, perhaps the audible dissatisfaction led to a better performance in the second half.
  11. When he looks for a transfer this summer, the very same morons will be calling him Judas...
  12. My bad! :) agreed fully
  13. A few on Twitter saying they were booing the ref not the team.
  14. Retweeted by Davies, Roberts, Mawson, Bree, Williams, Isgrove, Scowen, Brownhill and Winnall too.
  15. Conor Hourihane- "Won 8 outta 10 before today and we get boo'd at half time.....

    I think we all know if we don't go up he will be gone and rightly so

    He deserves to play in the championship

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  16. Exactly right it's what fans do, Connor shouldn't really worry about it and make the most of the run in and the opportunity we now have,.

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  17. Conor Hourihane- "Won 8 outta 10 before today and we get boo'd at half time.....

    Not true trust me

    Was a very small minority

    But that doesn't mean all the 890 were booing

    More like 25

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  18. Redstar will approve the common purpose.
  19. You posted it on here though and your comments were as embarrassing and fickle as the boos.

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