Console owners, user id's - will be made into sticky

Discussion in 'Gaming - FM, FIFA etc' started by nixon, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Whats your system and your gamer id.

    It would also be useful to state which games you play online.


    System - PS3
    ID - thebugel
    Games - Fifa 09. PES09. GTA4 and Call of Duty 4.
  2. It's my brothers really, but same thing lol

    System- PS3
    ID- archey08
    Games- Fifa09, PES09, GTI Club
  3. system xbox360
    ID- JUTP
    Games pes09, GRID, COD5
  4. PS3 (add console to title to save time for the browser?)

    PS3 user


    I play:

    Brothers in Arms 3 - Hells Highway (highly recommend)
    PES 2009
    FIFA 09
    Gran Turismo 5 - Prologue
    Rainbow 6 - Las Vegas (very very good)

    I will be buying COD4 as soon as it gets a bit cheaper! lol
  5. wii user
    id rich10h
    games - fifa 09,mario kart
  6. System - PS3
    ID - Liquadus
    Games Playing - FIFA 09, PES 09, Resistance 2
  7. PS3

    Name: Toldlad
    Games: Pro evo 09, gta, cod, tiger woods 09
  8. Wii User

    ID; Doddy

    Fifa 09 & Mario kart
  9. Wii User

    ID; Ady

    Mario kart
  10. console; ps3
    name; boldyBFC
    games; Guitar hero III, Cod 5, Fifa 09
  11. System: xbox 360

    ID: By Eckers

    Games: fifa 09, halo, cod
  12. user id is cheesesarni
    fifa09, COD, Tiger09
  13. Xbox 360
    GT: Vaile23
    CoD:[email protected]
    Guitar Hero
    and many more.
  14. System: Xbox
    ID: TeeS1MO
    Games: FIFA09, Rainbowsix Vegas2, Halo3
  15. moving your thread here nathe

    gamer id n6the


    fifa 09
    Battlefield bad company
    saints row
    but mostly its fifa
  16. Re: Console owners, user id\\\'s - will be made into sticky

    Console: PS3
    Game Id:RyderBFC
    Plays: Fifa09, Pro Evo,saints row.
  17. ps3, fifa09, jaffabfc
  18. ps3,
    fifa 09, gran turismo, cod5,
  19. Console: PS3
    ID: nobbys_nutz22
    Games: Fifa 09, COD5 (Clan tag :(BFC) )

  20. Console - PS3
    ID - fentyke
    Games - Motorstorm, MGS, COD MW & WAW, GT Prolog, Little Big Planet, MOH Airborne, Ghost Recon + a few more I never play but 'the boy' does.

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