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  1. Flights booked for the derby in November.

    Anyone got any recommendations for the city? I'm guessing November will be horrendously cold?
  2. A visit to the Tivoli is a must, full day job too.
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  3. Get yourself down to the little Mermaid for the obligatory photo. I can't recall much of Copenhagen, except for it being flat, Tivoli (didn't go in), the aforementioned statue and loads of naval vessels across the bay. Presume they were Danish Navy but not 100%. With a car (possibly the train) you can go over the bridge into Sweden.

    I did like the city, not as much as Stockholm, but more than Oslo. I do want to return one day.
  4. I'll be there Friday to Monday, so a good chance to see another game and city in Sweden too.
  5. I've not been, but Malmo is supposed to be nice and commutable from Copenhagen.
  6. Don't eat in Rosie McGee's - overpriced 5hite
  7. It sounds Irish, somewhere I would definitely avoid.
  8. We were there in October. Paper Island is really good for food and drinks. Torvehallerne also good for food stalls and a good place to get an open sandwich.

    The Rundhouse is a unique building to walk up and gives good views of the city. We also did one of the free tours - I wasn't sure about doing it but really enjoyed it.

    There was a special night on whilst we were there called Kulturenight. Cost £10 but loads of places open up for the night and do special events. If anyone is there in October I would definitely recommend it.
  9. Freetown Christiania... Tivoli and the 1000s of pubs

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  10. cheers for all the tips, etc. Just booked my flight, Copenhagen derby here I come!
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