Excuse My Ignorance, Who Are Your Real Rivals ?

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  1. United?

    Wednesday ?

    Leeds ?

    huddersfield aint far either is it ?

    out of the sheff clubs who do u want to beat the most ?
  2. It depends who you ask but most would say wednesday

    probably in order for me

    Pikies (Donny)

    Then the rest nobody really cares
  3. Wendys for me,every time.
  4. Personally I have the strongest dislike for Wednesday.
  5. the Wendys

    although they like to hate the Blunts, so dunno if its "real rivalry"

    we hate Leeds when we happen to be in their division, not so much Huddersfield.

    i personally hate Donny because of how cocky they've got.. "Big Club" apparently, been int conference most of their existence like
  6. Wednesday and Leeds, in my opinion. Don't mind Utd that much, they're not as arrogant, unless you've seen "Blade" posting on here, but he's just a bit special.
  7. we hate wednesday more than united, i get the feeling we hate all other Yorkshire clubs :D
  8. wednesday have always brought more fans down here to cardiff than united or leeds
  9. Depends which side of Barnsley you live. For me it's Sheff Wed closely followed by Sheff Utd. For North Barnsley it's Leeds. When we were in the lower divisions it was Donny Rovers and further back Rotherham & Bradford City. With Man U, Man City, Leeds, Sheff Wed, Sheff Utd, Doncaster, Rotherham, Huddersfield, Bardford, Burnley and maybe even Blackburn& Wigan all less than 40 miles away there's no wonder we only average about 11,000 at Oakwell
  10. Both Dee-Dahs but especially"Big Club" wednesday
  11. is there any reason, are their fans more arrogant than united ?
  12. Leeds, Huddersfield, Wednesday,Blunts for me just due to fact of where I live.
  13. Definitely Wednesday

    They are nearest, being to the North (our side) of Sheffield - there's only about 12 or 13 miles between Oakwell and the pigsty.</p>

    Our catchment areas overlap in the villages to the south of Barnsley/north of Sheffield.</p>

    Bumhole Lane is on the opposite side of Sheffield and the Blunts tend to draw their fanbase from south Sheffield/North Derbyshire.</p>

    As for Leeds - well, we ALL hate Leeds scum!</p>
  14. Muslims, immigrants, the Welsh and the PC Brigade.

    And maybe Wednesday at a push.
  15. Basically yes, you've got it in one

    They seem to think they are a big club, should be in Europe etc
  16. blue and white stripey piggies

    l**ds next I suppose are probably my most disliked though I'm not fond of the red and white stripey piggies either though all those teams have usually been above us.

    Some cant stick doncaster nor Hudds but to me they are of little consequence.

    We are less than an hours drive from almost every yorkshire, lancashire and north midlands clubs
  17. you better not come to cardiff then , lots of welsh and immigrants

    we like everyone down here though , its very multi racial

    we even have some yorkshire people....
  18. Not truly rivals but the self style Manure of Yorkshire - Pikey Rovers

    Not really rivals as BFC mostly been in second tier and they've been in lower leagues or outta the league completely. But the 'big club' with the 'ground that rivals Old Trafford' became our bogey team a couple of years ago and their fans were vile
  19. leeds, don't gi a monkeys about wednesday nt
  20. We are nobodies!

    None of the other teams in Yorkshire would list us as their number 1 rival. The biggest 'mutual' rivalry I have seen was when we played Grimsby in the old Division 1. One of the cod heads ran on the pitch, picked up the corner flag and chucked it into the Barnsley crowd. Not sure what got him so angry.

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