Hope Hecky meant division and not league

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  1. Today's Chron quotes him as saying "pretty much every club in the league can give them more money than we can". If he really meant league then we're paying non-league wages.
  2. He meant our league
  3. Yes it's looking pretty grim - even before a ball is kicked.
    Let's hope we can get a new owner or at least additional directors before the start of the season.

    If we can't - then a heavy load is going to drop from a great height and land squarely on the shoulders of Mr Heckingbottom.
  5. What you mean is, to get some fool to put money in to keep us at this level without bothering about scouting for young talent etc. In other words a person with more money than sense.

    For myself, I am happy with the way is run, because sooner than later the Brightons, Readings and Bournemouths will finish up where they should be, alternating between the third and fourth tiers of the football hierarchy.
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  6. I'm going to report the club to the football league. The transfer windows been open ages, we've only bought a pesky young un from that there north and we haven't given Jermaine beckford 15k a week on a 5 year contract.
    It's negligence
  7. No, its not looking grim at all. We competed well in the Championship last season & hopefully same again this time round.
  8. Folks keep saying this but it's getting increasingly unlikely it will happen.
  9. Can't see it with Brighton. I went there this season and was very impressed with them.

    I know some say they are just plastic fans of a club with a rich owner, but the club are very proactive in getting the fans in.

    Free public transport on match days for anyone with a ticket. Big cycle park outside the ground. Train station on its door step.
  10. Definitely no reason why we can't move forward and improve.

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  11. Debts of 171 million quid. That level of spending isn't sustainable in the long term.

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  12. I understand our budget will never be a massive one and I dont want to us to spend money we havent got but Ive never known us to have as much money as we have at the minute through transfer fees and sell on money. I know times have changed a bit on wage inflation but we seem to be constantly crying poverty when weve never had as much brass.
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  13. Read this week that Forest Green, just promoted to League 2 were paying their players 5k plus a week last season, that's non league, wasn't it said the likes of Sammy the Snake was only on 4,500...(only???)

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