Hotel booked for cleethorpes

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by Barnsley Loyal, May 18, 2017.

  1. Should be a cracking day with a sell out away following

    The walk away from the ground will be fun

    Don't think I've ever been and there hasn't been trouble

    Pretty sure this will change to a 1pm kick off

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  2. Seem to recall there were major disturbances last pre-season when sheff united played them. Late 70s to mid 80s had some memorable days out there.
  3. Yeah on the train lines behind the ground

    It's a proper ground and we won't be visiting many of them next season

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  4. Where did you book and did they accept a Saturday night only booking?
    I fancy this one for old time's sake. Get a few jars down t'neck before and after.
  5. Do they still, only sing when theyre fishing?
  6. I'll be surprised if this game goes ahead on that Saturday afternoon after all the trouble they had there last season v Sheff Utd. Can't see Humberside Police fancying a repeat dose in the middle of July
  7. From my recollection, if you are at the back of the away end you can't see the goal at the far end.
  8. Always liked that away day. Won't be making any pre seasons as away all summer weekends DJing,

    Will be looking forward to getting to most fixtures from mid september to april though.

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