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    a few points but they're only an opinion but brownie looked lost and a bit spare in the 1st half but all that altered in the change of formation and subs at 1/2 time, he ran his blood to water and didnt stop sometimes the only end product with this is someone has to mark him so he creates space for someone else. mads and solly, wow, just that. the diamond worked well with the backs overlapping and styles looks like he could be the higgy type of player i reckoned we needed, someone push forward and panic a defence, always a good sign when a guy at 5'5" scores with a header. cracking result BUT excellent 2nd 1/2 perfomance both full backs in the back four played like experienced vets, i heard something i dont like off the bench in a heavy german/austrian accent after the foul and it was shouting at the ref " red card ref, red card", very unsportsman like, thats when g.s. got yellowed
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