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  1. Appears he is 24. Would prefer it if he was 20.
  2. If we sign him and he's any good he'll be gone by the time he's 26 anyway.
  3. Two bids rejected... bet that's why we've moved on to the Scottish lad
  4. Think I would prefer the Scottish lad.
  5. Based on what?
  6. Next seasons formation 5-5-0
  7. Aye but we could switch to a 4-6-0 when we're in possession.
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  8. Wasn't Roberts 24 when we signed Him? Doesn't matter to me as even at 24.....if he surpasses himself.....he will still leave for a bigger fee than what we paid

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  9. That's the point of our transfer policy
  10. Sorry double post
  11. Only a year older than Angus was when we signed him (from a side who'd narrowly avoided relegation from the conference I might add), and the same age as what Marc Roberts was.

    Coincidentally Cole Kpekawa was 20 when we signed him. Adam Jackson 22.

    Alfie Mawson was 21.

    I am struggling to see the correlation between ability and age. I'm unsure as to how many games Pinnock has under his belt, but if it's say 100 at Conference level. That's considerably better in my opinion than 50—100 Premier league u21s games.

    In my opinion

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  12. It wasn't long ago the club were getting lambasted for signing players that are too young. Three examples of players with non-league experience aged around 24 when we signed them who we have signed: Yiadom, Roberts, MacDonald. He's at a good age with non-league experience. Would not be a bad signing at all

    That said, I can't see us going for him again if we do sign Lindsay, perhaps only if Roberts leaves
  13. He made his debut aged 16, for Dulwich Hamlet, and made over 200 first-team appearances for them. He played over 40 games (all competitions) for Forest Green last season. Plenty of game time, albeit at a much lower level.
  14. Looks a nice player to me albeit on minimal YouTube evidence...
  15. Thanks. All I could find was last seasons stats, not that I went into great detail.

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  16. If you get to a certain age, let's say your mid twenties, the level you are playing at is generally the level you are as a player. Yes we can point to McDonald, but there are a limited number of these players about.

    Kpewkawa might be wank but he's got four years on this lad to improve.
  17. I think I saw him play twice for Hamlets but I don't recall the lad to be honest. The typical opponent plays long ball, so Hamlets centre halves tend to be big and head it a lot. Hamlets do try to play a bit of football though, so he could be decent on the deck. Sorry can't be much help on this one.
  18. Younger. Probably played at a higher level last season.
  19. Like most things in football, it's not an exact science.

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