Let's get Ben Mansford back

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by Cambridge Red, May 19, 2017.

  1. apparently leaving leeds at the end of the month (according to sky sports transfer centre. Did a good job while here and we desperately need one in the door quick. Hopefully everyone can be grown up about him leaving for leeds.
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  2. Maybe that's why he's leaving Leeds.

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  3. I hope he does come back. Leeds are a bigger club than us and he did right taking the job. I have no issues if he wanted to come back.
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  4. On back page of chronicle maurice watkins says the new ceo has been chosen and will be announced next week barring any last minute hitches
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  5. He still knows how to talk the talk.

  6. If he came back, and Hull came after him, he'd be off. His loyalty is dependent on paymaster.
  7. Better than his one to our club and fans Untitled.png
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  8. I can't see any real reason why we shouldn't welcome him back. He was an integral part of creating a new and progressive identity for the club.
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  10. No thank you. Tainted.
  11. Loyal or not he knew what he was doing and under his leadership is the time I've most felt the club had a clue in the last 10 years
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  12. A defo yes for me. Knew what he was doing.
  13. I'd welcome him back, maybe he'd walk to Sunderland with Dyson and west stand bogs lads
  14. Maybe we can tell him he's only allowed back if he walks here from Leeds?
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  15. I liked him when he was here, and he did do a good job, but one question, if it's so bloody fantastic at Leeds, and they are heading back to the promised land, and everybody connected to the club is first class, why is he leaving?
  16. As would most people... its a job. We need someone and personally I thought he was good at his.
    Yes he can bullsh*t, but that's part of the job
  17. One year there ending in failure and he's licking arse in a goodbye speech. He'd had more success with us and we got naff all. Bit strange both sides being so lovely about him leaving.
  18. Did he not show us the same common decency hes shown Leeds then, with no such letters or comments of gratitude like that ? :eek:
    I think it will be good to finally get somebody back into the role, and if it has to be him, then fair enough.
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