Let's get Ben Mansford back

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by Cambridge Red, May 19, 2017.

  1. He took the club forwards in terms of its relationship with fans and it's off field activities and we have gone backwards since then.

    I can't see it happening but would be absolutely fantastic if it did.
  2. I always hate come backs, but in this case, with the amount of uncertainty at the club, it would be a good move in my book.
  3. Difficult to imagine that Ben wouldn't have gotten substantially more money at Leeds, and that he won't have his eye on a job of equal standing, both financially, and in terms of profile. If it were remotely possible I, for one would welcome him back with open arms. He is an asset to any club.
  4. Despite us calling Ben various names like whispering or talking or even bullsh*tting, I think we can all see the role he did for us and we've missed it since then.
    (what was Linton Brown playing at eh!!)
  5. I have absolutely no problem if he came back. B/**** Ben or not, it's what we need right now.
  6. Think its an exciting appointment myself

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  7. Feck me.. Something we can agree on :)
  8. The CEO only does what he is allowed to do.
  9. The guys very good at Football-related activities.
    He mentioned a lot whilst he was here what he used to do and that was a massive plus for BFC. The partnership between him and Brown was good and so much moved on under them.
  10. Rumours are the bloke who being appointed is a French guy in his mid-twenties, but that's just stuff I've seen on twitter.
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    Hey I agree Chris and the signs coming from the club are 'really good' at the moment.
    They have maybe tried to target a new Connor type player in Steve Mallan, and all the reports and comments from other fans suggest we've made a good signing there and for a good fee.
    They have also quickly tried to bring in a new Ceo beore the month of May even ends, and it sounds like its going to be completed this coming week.
    Theres positive rumours as well about the lad McLaughlin at Fleetwood, and once again the comments about this N.Ireland Intl player sound good as we look for a new RB.
  12. Aren't we all? Been with employer ten years but if I felt I was getting a better opportunity somewhere else (not just in terms of cash) I'd be off.
  13. I don't blame him for leaving in the slightest. Although I did think at the time that you'd need to be mad to work under Cellino. I'd certainly welcome him back, he had his faults and made a few errors along the way, but the club was in such a good position under him. Whilst we continued to improve after his departure, you do question whether whatever went off with Linton Brown, would have been avoided had Ben still been in his role.

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  14. Ben Mansford was in Jocks Cavern last night
  15. I can't see it. They say 'ver go back'. Cryne did it with Danny, it failed. He brought Linton back, failed dramatically. I wouldn't throw my toys out if he did return like, but I can't see it. I think i'd find it harder to trust him, given the way he just seemed to jump ship. I don't know the details like.
  16. Can't see it myself... History says we go for the cheap option.
    This French fella would fit... And would suggest our net for young players would be moving abroad.. which i would not be against..

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