Margaret Thatcher dead !

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board ARCHIVE' started by Mr Badger, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. oh happy day.
  2. Thankfully I can't see many tears been shed for the fuc.king old c.unt
  3. Was just about to post the same. Hope she rots in hell.

    Let the party commence.
  4. Ding dong
  5. Man, you're not even joking!!! I had to google it to check it was true. Every ounce of me wants to cheer but I don't think I can bring myself to be happy someone has died. But she makes me feel very close to it!
  6. Good ****ing riddance to the evil old bag
  7. Jamdrop, A lot of people died because of her. Horrible despicable individual.
  8. Actually, how do you know? Only wiki says it from what I could find and anyone could change that.
  9. I just got a notification on my phone from Sky News saying she'd died following a stroke!
  10. Just announced as breaking news on Capital. Let the party begin, ruined alot of lives in my family
  11. I know it's not nice to talk ill of the dead ....but let's form an orderly queue to dance on her grave.....
  12. Glad I'm not working today...PARTY TIME
  13. I bet the pubs are heaving today!
  14. Yeah I know, I'm from Grimethorpe - our lives were affected immensely by her. Still, dead, I'm sure her family liked her? I have no reason to wish them hurt.
  15. A stroke of good luck
  16. Get the fukin flags out.

    I hope she does not r.i.p. Horrible [email protected]

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