Morsy talks ongoing

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  1. Still yet to agree a wage but both parties hoping it'll go through.

    Source: Andy Giddings
  2. Can we finally break the Morsy code?
  3. If what I've heard today is true I'll be amazed if he joins. He's either took a big pay cut or we've pushed the wage structure again. Or he's had a pay off.
  4. I've read he's on over £10 grand a week somewhere.
  5. Me too. Above our pay structure
  6. Yep, he is.
  7. Not popular but we are a L1 club in the Champ. Fact of life.
  8. Not sure what our pay structure is. All I know is it's restricted by financial fair play.

    So whatever it was last year has been enhanced by increased revenues of championship (circa £6m).

    Fairly sure we aren't just offering the £5k max we were in L1. We'll adjust it accordingly. Even if we earmarked £2m of the Mawson money that would let us offer 3 players an extra 4/5k a year for 3 years.

    Imagine Hourihane, Morsy Winnall etc will be offered a contract we believe they are worth, within our increased allowances to fit in with FFP.

    Let's not worry unnecessarily. Reckon a few will sign back on.

    Only transfer news I've seen confirmed is we have bid for Morsy (good) and have resigned Armstrong (v good). I've not seen any bad news confirmed.
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  10. FFP is completley different to SCMP in L1. For me the Mawson money is for a self sufficient future not an increased wage pool.
  11. Like what these clubs are:

    Think small - Be small
  12. We'll sign Morsy.
  13. All barrinvg one - very rich backers. In fact all do now.
  14. Agree with with you on four of those, Stoke are a big club they sell out their 27,000 nearly every game and would get more with a bigger ground.
    We are on the same size as these imo in our div
  15. Preston ,Blackburn maybe . The rest are not .
  16. Financially dwarfed by Wigan, Brentford and Preston.
  17. If you`re meaning we are bigger than the others then I agree.
  18. Then I`m struggling to understand FFP rules cos we certainly match them in Crowds.
  19. £4.5 m wage bill in the last published accounts , £7.7m last Championship season .
    As far as the wages go , it could possibly be a wage that doesn't break the general structure...but is accompanied by a sizeable signing on fee .
  20. I don't think it relies purely on gate receipts , but general operating income and profits, ie. player sales...a rich chairman can top it up with ' sponsorship ' at any time .

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