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    I may be proved wrong by events, but...

    By returning Ugbo, allowing Barnes to return without replacement (my understanding is that the club would have been given time to do this), and attempting to make Joe Williams permanent; is a pattern developing?

    Is the club moving away from loans to focus our energy on developing players which we can fully benefit from? This would be a logical next step for ‘the plan’ and a reflection of the increased ambition and resources of the club in this new era. It would also, obviously, be a huge step forward for the club after years of being dependent on better teams’ young players or cast offs.

    If we do replace Ugbo and Barnes with permanent, ambitious signings, it would be a sign of exciting times to come.
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    I think they are slightly different.

    Barnes, they wanted him back so he went back.
    Ugbo. Chelsea wouldn't have seen the progress he should have made here so pulled him back.

    Both different clubs with different expectations.

    Listening to Heckingbottom speak and the bid for Williams they are trying to create a higher value to the squad which will mean buying the talent of Williams level when we can. This will allow us over a period of time to higher the quality of talent and ability within the squad but in the short maybe higher the loan quality too and maybe allow us to be in partnership with Nice over loaning some of there young talents.
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