Paul McCartney sounds terrible

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  1. He ruined the end of the jubilee concert with his aged warbling as well. He really needs to jack it in now - he's starting to show himself up.
  2. Agreed - he's not sounded good for a few years now. Mind you I thought the Arctic Monkeys were terrible too. Who'd have thought it - the only thing to let down the ceremony was the British musicians? We have so many great bands to choose from and we got 2 awful acts tonight. Everything else was brilliant.
  3. they were playing out of time to the click track that had mcCartneys vocals on........somebody is in for it.
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    Just when it was going so well.... Paul x^&%$ McCartney !!!

    Arctic monkeys were OK but the singing on the Beatles song was a bit flat, Should get some lessons in singing in tune from that first solo treble choirboy at the start
  5. Completely disagree with you

    Despite the fcuk up at the start, where for some reason the backing track that should only be played through the artist's headphones came over the PA, I thought it was an excellent rendition of Hey Jude. And to have the Arctic Monkeys playing I Bet That You Look Good On The Dance Floor was a stroke of genius. The noisiest ******* of a song ever to top the charts. No other country in the world would give a group like that the time of day but the British public propelled them to the top of the charts. Then we had Dizzy rascal belting out some rap. None of the above are particularly my cup of tea, so I'm not being biased, but it just shows what talent we've got in this country. From the middle of the road stuff that everyone likes to the cutting edge of black and white music. Excellent selections. Brilliant stuff.
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    Thought McCartney sounded awful on Hey Jude, like a drunken dad at a karaoke. He sounded pretty good on The End

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