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    First of all I believe Gareth Southgate is the man for the job. This was a learning curve for him aswell as our young squad. I believe we would have all took a semi final before the tournament however with the route that unfolded to the final it's hard to accept we went out to Croatia.

    I am not saying anything bad about the Croatia national side. But with a population of only 4 million & a couple of great players. We should have been a lot better on the night. Going 1 nil up early on and then dominating the rest of the first half. We became negative & that has been Southgate's downfall.

    We went negative against Colombia & nearly cost us. We should have learned from that. But we didn't. I understand these players are young however they play for top premier league clubs and surely understand the importance of certain matches and the role they need to play.

    We won't get an easier route to a final again. I believe a win last night would not only have been amazing for our country but we would no doubt have given France a better game in the final. I hope Croatia do well but I believe it will be a very one sided final.

    Harry Kane has lead our line brilliantly but he missed the golden chance to put us 2nil up. John stones and Maguire have been exceptional and if city do go in for Maguire as expected that will benefit England incredibly for the future. Another player who surprised me and was my stand out player for us was Ashley young.

    Sterling is a frustrating player & I don't believe Southgate will drop him in the future.

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