Rohan Ince

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  1. Due to sign in the next couple of days according to Sean Ritchie sports representative.
  2. If so think that's a potentially brilliant signing. He may have not had the best year or two but he's still a young lad. Big strong presence in the centre. Something we've missed lately. Brighton fans say he's not just a defensive midfield, he likes to pick the ball up and drive up field.

    Obviously wait and see if he does sign on, but tops up the optimism.
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  3. Seems to have got his mojo back after being found not guilty of a charge of attacking a bouncer with a broken bottle that hung over him for over a year.

    (Hope he's better than namesake Ricketts, by the way!)
  4. Loan ?

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  5. Got man of the match most weeks at Swindon.

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  6. He started his career as a centre half, so those attributes would be useful in a small squad.
  7. Miles Addison. Shudders.
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    That Sean Ritchie Twitter account, is definitely just a fake. Not saying we won't sign him, but take whats said on there with a pinch of salt.
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  9. We've been watching somebody at Kaiserslauten. Not really relative but couldn't be arsed to start a new thread.
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  10. Going down same route as Huddersfield? Where've ya heard this?
  11. Never seen Ince play if I'm honest but we could do with a james replacement who breaks play up in the middle of the park especially if Scowen is going. We have moncur mowatt and mallen who are more attacking hopefully next signing is a james replacement.
  12. I'd really like us to go back in for Morsy.
  13. He took a payrise to stay there in January and extended his contract. They'd be asking more money and he will be commanding more on wages. That ship has sailed I'm afraid. I'm not too disappointed to be honest.

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  14. It's a no from me.

    He chose money at a relegation threatened team at the time as opposed to being in a team flirting with the play offs at that time. He was a decent player but I'd rather us have players who want to develop their game here.

    Plus, didn't something kick off with him and our players in the tunnel at half time in our game at Wigan?

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