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    sorry but I have to confess to knowing nothing at all about the lad. However the plaudits I am reading are very encouraging. I hope this is yet another young lad we have nurtured and will both us and he benefit... This is the most fantastic way to progress and Patricks vision.... bring young 'uns through developing and either profiting or building a solid team from them, also scouting and picking up a few gems from obscurity. I am beginning to not only believe but also getting quite excited as to how things are going at Barnsley, we are living within our means ... putting together a team that's exciting and showing success, and if truth be known we are beginning to be envied..... especially by our neighbours. Life is quite sweet at the present time following Barnsley. Patrick Cryne is a legend, yes I know there are may in the backrooms that are making this work, but he is the one who has stood by this approach...... I just hope he is feeling better and his treatment is going well.

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