Ross Jack

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  1. He likes a midfielder does old Hecky !
  2. I agree.
  3. Ross was a right player though.
  4. Always a gamble to go to a newly formed club like Rangers.
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  5. Who? Never heard of either Ross or Ryan..
  6. Any 25 year old player who thinks his career will be enhanced by playing football in Scotland with a shambles of a club, is not one we should sign.
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  7. He'd rather play against Ross County and St Johnstone than Aston Villa and Leeds Utd. Tells me all I need to know.
  8. I don't think its who he's playing against that the attraction is .
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  9. A fair point, though it could be simply that he's settled north of the border and wants to stay for family reasons.
  10. Not so sure his bank manager would agree. He is a professional and as such will go to who pays more.
  11. Or maybe it's just complete bollocks like most of what folk read online but take as gospel?

    I dunno. Just a thought.
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  12. Or he's settled in Scotland and going to join a club that plays in an iconic stadium, in front of 40000 crowds, for more money than we can offer and challenge for trophies.
  13. He is one of the two Scottish based players who was really keen to come. Problem is Barnsley. We have delayed and failed to get this one over the line.
    For some reason we seem to be unable to get our business done efficiently. We can't blame the player if he gets fed-up waiting for the contract offer to hit the desk. Players are out of contract and want the security of signing for a new club. A worrying sign this is.
  14. Exactly Dreamboy. Unfortunately this is nearer to the truth.
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  15. Rangers seem to be pleading poverty every other week - hence signing free transfers from Accrington Stanley.

    They might challenge for the SFA Cup but owt else looks years off.
  16. Anyone remember bomb jack for the 48k zx spectrum?
  17. And? What exactly is your point here Conan? What exactly would Barnsley offer him instead? I'd be surprised if Barnsley's offer came any where near what Rangers will be giving him.

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