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  1. I liked black jacks, when my teeth could cope with them. Alas they no longer can and I settle for jelly babies nowadays.
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  2. Worrying indeed. As are press reports from saturday saying we'd sign Mallan in the next 72 hours which is already a day late.
  3. Better standard of football?
    Better standard of opposition?
    Better opportunity to progress?
    More variety of opposition - 23 opponents instead of four games against Ross County, Partick, St Johnstone et al.

    Rangers might offer a bit more money but as I say, they always seem to be skint. Look at their squad for God's sake.
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  4. Conan he is a professional and whether you like it or not he has gone to work for more money. TBF he might have joined Barnsley and perhaps find himself in a relegation battle all season. So he's looked at his options and made a decision you just can't get your head around.
    Now I am not saying I agree or disagree but unfortunately Rangers are a far bigger club than Barnsley and will always have the bigger pull to attract players.
    Fact of life mate.
  5. I read online once that Freddie Mercury is actually still alive and is now working in a pizza parlour. Apparently he is under pressure there and just wants to break free from the constraints that are upon him in the fast food sector, he wants to escape the swamp and is now looking for fat bottomed girls and/or somebody to love.

    I didn't worry about it though. No point worrying about something you can't affect. And anyway, there's no point in us trying to dance to the millionaire waltz. The show must go on, I know it's crazy.
  6. I'm not upset or owt - never heard of the lad. I'd just rather play in the Championship than play or Celtic or Rangers.
  7. OK I take your point Conan. So now I ask you if you were a player do you really believe you would prefer to play for Barnsley than Celtic or Rangers where you'd possibly be on 4 times the wages?
  8. I don't believe Rangers will be paying four times what Barnsley are paying.
  9. And neither do I mate but you'd be surprised what stupid money which they throw around. And I'll add money they possibly do not have. Hence the financial difficulties they have.
    Conan I hate both Celtic and Rangers with a passion but all I'm trying to point out to you is your blind faith in all things Barnsley are getting in the way of what is really happening.
    Little old Barnsley cannot compete with the likes of Celtic and the tax dodging Rangers. In fact there are many clubs in which Barnsley cannot compete against. We just have to accept that mate. Let's just forget him and move on.
  10. Agree CT let's look for new targets. Press over the border are suggesting we take a look at Edinburgh born Jason Cummings.
    Currently the 21 year old plays centre forward for Hibs. He has been their top scorer for the last three seasons.
    His goals to games ratio is 55 in 114 which is quite impressive. Granted last season they ( Hibs) were in the Scottish First but he's scored in their Premiership as well. Peterborough had a bid of £1.2 million rejected in 2016.
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  11. Only the priveleged few know whats gone off. We may never have been in for this lad. Bring back the days of waiting for Chronicle on Friday or spunking a tenner on Barnsley clubcall to find out transfers or targets☺
  12. When was the last time Rangers challenged for a trophy?
  13. Next.
  14. They challenge every year. The last one they won was the Scottish Championship last year.

  15. Most would just pick the most money.
  16. I wouldn't want to entertain spending £1.2m on a player who has only scored in the Scottish Second Tier. No denying he has a great strike rate but if Stephen Mallan is worth between £200 - £300k, I don't think this lad is worth much more.
  17. We can't compete with Celtic. We can probably compete with Rangers at present - until they re-establish themselves. We would have the clout - not saying we would have the will - to blow every other club in Scotland out of the water. Not that that really matters as we aren't competing with them on the field.
  18. Which would mean playing in the Championship.
  19. And of course your exceptional knowledge of all thing Scottish football brings you to this conclusion. :p
  20. Conan I feel you underestimate the size of Rangers FC.

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