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  1. The old Rangers signed Arthur Numan, the De Boers etc. New Rangers are signing players from Accrington and Raith Rovers. They may get back to their previous levels but it will take time.
  2. Oh I don't know mate, our lass fetched some home the t'other day so I knabbed one expecting my top 'n' bottom teeth to be welded together for half an hour only to be disappointed, the one I had was all gooey and soft and a bit fcuking rubbish so i had monk on and spat it darnt' bog, sithi.
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  3. I hope they don't but Rangers are a huge concern. Hundreds of supporters clubs world wide. Massive fan base. And huge media interest. This is what I meant by underestimating the size of the club.
  4. Fruit salad afterwards?
  5. If true, that's extremely disturbing.
  6. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.:D
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  7. Anyone taking Ryan Jack and any other player under 23 years of age will need to pay a development fee to the clubs they are leaving. It concerns me that the reds seem to have had conversations with players without realising this would be the case. And when you also consider the email to St Mirren and the fact we still do not have a CEO, it just doesn't project an image of a club in control of things. I sincerely hope we get our act together soon.
  8. Really?
    I thought that if a player was transferred between clubs from different countries that didn't apply? For example, Celtic signed Joe Ledley from Cardiff City and didn't have to pay a fee, closer to home we signed Jim O'Brien from Motherwell and didn't pay anything.
    As it happens, Ryan Jack was born on 27th February 1992 making him 25.
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  9. I used to think that too. But players moving between Scotland and England mean the fee applies. I think that is why these players are getting linked with teams in the USA. Agents use it as a way to get the fee reduced if the player stays in the UK. The fee doesn't apply if a Scottish based player moves to the states.
  10. Cheers for that, mate.
    You're never too old to learn something new.
  11. TBF that could very well true.
  12. Exactly!! Who is he or who was he etc. ? ;)
    (Ive honestly never heard of him to be honest, so I cant react too much here!)
  13. Been looking at some stats earlier today. The average weekly wage paid to Celtic players is £13k, Rangers was £7k.
    To understand why Marley joined us I looked at Inverness CT. Their average was just under a grand a week.
    Stevie Mallins team average for St Mirren was circa £1.5k per week.
    No stats for our salaries in the Championship. The estimate I've seen is £3k and they project that out of the 24 teams in the League we are probably 22nd in the payment table. Believe Preston and Burton paid less than us.
    Some of the averages are unbelievable and the total annual losses for some clubs is eye watering.
    Still working on the list. Will post again when I've finished working them out.
  14. It's miles higher than 3k.

    Ben Mansford said the avg wage in the champ was 8k
  15. He meant OUR average wage, not the Championship's.
  16. When?
  17. I'd rather Ryan Jack, than Fleetwood Mac.

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