Roverum or Judas On saturday

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  1. Who wants who to stay up, our local rivals or Judas and his Dons???
  2. roverum all the way for me,w****n's franchise f.c to go down and go bust hopefully.
  3. Rotherham to stay up please...

    They'v got enough problems without getting relegated as well.</p>

    I'll be very happy to see MK Dons drop further and further down the league structure after what they did to their fans. </p>
  4. Easy choice - Millers to stay up

    Id even want MK to go down if it was them or the Fowls

    Nowt really against "judas"

    But everything against Franchise and the way the Wimbledon fans were treated. I always say I never want any football club to go bust - but Franchise are the only possible exception.
  5. absolutely definitely Rotherham

    MK Dons must go down for lots of reasons.
  6. RE: Roverum n/t
  7. Franchise FC

    Hope they continue going down - nowt at all against Danny
  8. You had me worried there

    Thought you were advocating their staying up!

    It'd be lovely to think that when I drive by there on Sunday they'll no longer be a league 1 team. That'll put a smile on my face.
  9. MK Dons.....

    'cos I know Matt their 'keeper
  10. Franchise

    To go down

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