Stevie Mallan

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  1. How long contract has he signed exactly? I've read 2 years and 3 years
  2. 3 years

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  3. official site says 3, I'd go with that

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  4. Yeah I saw that on official site and St mirren official site says 2 years
  5. maybe it's two and we have the option to extend by a year?

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  6. Stevie ??? !!!
    Fooooking Stevie ???
    How old is he 5 ?
    It's Steve - or Steven - or even Stephen !!!
    Calling someone Stevie is ok for such as childish slack scousers.
  7. Your wind ups are getting worse. From someone who calls themselves "young Nudger".

    Must try harder.
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  8. Stevie originates from Greek for "Crown" or " Victorious" and can be used for a boy or girls name ( e.g. Stevie Nicks ).
    Up North the name Bill invariably ends up as "Willie" or " Wullie " ( William ) . For example if your name was Richard you would be called Dick. There are many many others re- Robert or Bob becomes Bobby etc.etc.
    Once worked with a lad called Bill William. In Scotland he would be known as Willie Willie which sounds bizarre.
    Most unusual name I ever heard was the wife of the American singer Conway Twitty. She was called Kitty.
  9. He'll be gone by the end of January.
  10. Let's just say as an ex pit man - that if I'd walked into the box hole and said 'have you seen Stevie' - the rest of the blokes there would have fallen abart laughing.
    I suppose it's a generation thing.
    It's seems that it's ok now to mince about and talk camp.
    And the name 'Stevie' is very camp.
  11. If he is camp he might stiffen our back four up a bit. Just a thought.!
  12. Pretty sure in the interview with him, it's mentioned as a 3 yr deal. Absolutely zero point in 2 yr deals, that would just lead to getting to the end of the season and having to sell cheaply again if he steps up to the plate at this level and attracts interest.
  13. Ok as a girls name - eg Stevie Nicks.
  14. All we need is Lee Camp.
  15. Hi there. St Mirren fan here.... I come in peace! Now that the Mallan deal has been finalised and he's officially a Barnsley player, thought it was time I made a post, instead of 'dipping in' lurking in the shadows... as some of you guys have been doing on our own main St Mirren fan forum 'Black & White Army'.

    First things first... the 'Barnsley is a shithole' stuff on our forum... pure forum banter. I did it too, I admit it.... all purely in jest, absolutely no offence intended. Moving on to more serious matters... reading your forum, you guys suffer some of the same problems we face - bigger fish signing players we like, players we want to keep, players we want in our club's colours. We all occupy a place in the football food chain, unless you are Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea or Manchester United etc, then there's always a bigger fish waiting to pounce for your best players. That's why we are feeling a bit spiky about losing Mallan. It comes hot on the heels of us losing Kyle Mcallister to Derby, John McGinn to Hibernian, and Kenny McLean to Aberdeen. It feels like another kick in the guts and a definite weakening of our team.

    Nothing we can do of course. The English Championship is a bigger league, paying bigger wages, playing to bigger crowds, and in the football food chain, is a step up for Stevie Mallan. Now that the move is sealed - I hope that he does the business for you, I hope both Barnsley and St Mirren have good seasons, and I hope that when the bigger fish come sniffing for our players in future, we at least get top dollar for them.

    Best wishes for season 2017/18. We think you have got a right good un' from us. Good luck to both Stevie Mallan and Barnsley FC in the Championship.
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  16. You are far too sensible for this board.All the best.
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  17. Good post. I hope you continue to contribute on here.
  18. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on Mallan's progress, and therefore Barnsley's progress. When we sold Kyle McAllister to Derby, it was clear he was heading straight to their development squad, so no point in keeping an eye out for him. We sold John McGinn to a direct rival - Hibs, so I really couldn't care how Hibs get on, nor could I care much about Kenny McLean's Aberdeen career. No offence to the individual players, clearly I hope they do OK personally.

    I just have a different feel for this transfer. This lad has it in him to push on and be a success in the bigger pond he is now swimming in. Maybe he won't be straight into your first team, but I just have a good feeling about this one. He has the talent, and with a bit of luck will be the real deal. Fingers crossed anyway.
  19. We have a Dundee United fan (Arabian Ian) who has been posting on here for a number of years and has become a great friend to a number of us. If you were to continue posting, perhaps we could pick your brains and hear your viewpoints on potential signings we're rumoured to be after in Scotland, like we do with Ian?
  20. If it's any more St Mirren players you're sniffing after, then they're all crap... go sniffing elsewhere. :p
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