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    Barnsley (full width)
    ...yesterday (courtesy of iFollow) for the first time since I was able to get to Oakwell last season.

    Although obvious to most ST holders it is even more glaringly obvious when you haven't seen a full match for a long time, that this squad, under new management, is light years ahead of what I saw last season.

    Yes - it is League One and Yes - it is only the 2nd game of a long season, but, (and its a big BUT), the players fitness, togetherness, organisation and, above all, movement off the ball, is a quantum leap from what I seen on my last three miserable visits to t'Well. The players look , dare I say it, 'up for it'

    Years ago, BFC fans would forgive lack of skill and pace so long as the players 'put a shift in' . ''Battling Barnsley' was always the popular phrase They are now doing that in spades and in addition, there is some real individual skill, pace and tactical organisation on show.
    I know it is still work in progress, but if they maintain this level of performance and even if it, understandably, drops a little as the season progresses after the flying start we have seen, I for one will be a 'happy bunny' (Even signed up for the iFollow Season pass in spite of only being an 'honorary' Yorkshireman (having only lived in Yorkshire for 45 of my 64 years) AND with Scottish ancestry) - 'Tight' me!! (although not as tight as my missus who is a Barnsley lass)

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