Wishing Arabian Ian and the Arabs all the best tonight

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  1. I am watching it live on BT Sports 1 . I know Ian is not at all happy with the present owners and their regime... a very 'Blackpoolesque' scenario it seems there, but even so Ian surely must want a win tonight..... good luck fella.
  2. Ah well a 2-2 draw and a lucky one at that. Friday will be interesting but I do not expect too much from that game. Falkirk showed tonight the fight and dig needed to grind out results and I fully expect Peter Houston's team ( BTW our ex manager) to put it over us.
    Sad days. :(
  3. What's the situation with Simon Murray Ian? We had a bid rejected in January if I recall, but he's out of contract in the summer. Reckon he'd do ok with us if we went back in for him? Sounded like he ran Falkirk ragged first half an hour.
  4. Whoever wins the tie between Dundee United and Falkirk should have absolutely no problems against an absolutely woeful Accies side in the final.
  5. Got to say Occook I like Murray but his talents are limited. I'd say Scottish Championship is his level. And I did mention to my mate that if we were to get promoted I think he would struggle. I'd hate to think how he would fare in your Championship.
    I get the feeling our manager does not rate him but lack of options means McKinnon has to play him.

    BTW Simon Murray is a friend of our very own Sparky after he gave him some advice in a Dundee pub. LOL
  6. John, DUFC winning at Hamilton is unheard of
  7. Cheers pal. Wonder if we'll still be in for him. If we wanted him for a fee don't see why we would change our mind if he's a freebie.

    Who would you compare him to? Quite a few said Winnall was limited and would struggle at champ level. But he managed to step it up a level. Wonder if our scouts think Murray could step up in a similar way.

    Good luck in second leg.
  8. Hamilton winning at Hamilton is unheard of these days too! It's a 2 legged affair for the final still, isn't it?

    My only experience of Hamilton vs. United was that awful game a few years ago, when the only shot on target was a missed penalty for the Accies.
  9. Thanks for your good luck wishes mate. I really think we will need them.

    I would not compare him with anyone at Barnsly ATM. As I said I like him. Gives 100% every game but talent wise he is lacking. Tonight he scored 1. A good goal but also missed 2 other good chances. But remember this is in the Scottish Championship and not against Villa or Leeds defenders. Huge difference.
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  10. Yup a fkn awful game. 4 of my mates left at half time and went across to the bingo for a pint. That is how bad that day was.
  11. I paid nearly £30 to watch that :D
  12. This is what happens when you are fat and need 2 seats
  13. I could even choose which colour seat I wanted thanks to Accies terrible support! I didn't realise until recently how much dislike their is towards them in Scotland, it surprised me really.
  14. Really?
    Horrible team. Come and play negative football.

    BTW there is real hatred between them and the other lot fae up the road. Always big trouble when they meet. No idea why this comes about
  15. Horrible team, negative football, crap following, etc. All the things I've read about them recently.

    They really don't get on with your neighbours, I can't remember what exactly, but I think it was the year they both came up(?) it kicked off big time on and off the park at NDP.
  16. I don't get on with them either. LOL
  17. That freekick goal for Falkirk though, pretty unstoppable.
  18. Yes I do agree but had Cammy Bell perhaps been a bit more central he maybe could have got a hand to the ball and deflect it over. But I'll not take anything away from the strike. It was a good one and very opportunistic.
  19. You were saying...
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  20. HaHaHa yeah and I'm glad to be proved wrong. I watched it in the pub and TBH we were not at the races 1st half. Shocking performance. Came out and half way through the manager made wholesale changes which did the trick. TBH we were the better team for most of the 2nd half.
    Now the tricky bit. Hamilton or Icy Tea. Hard going but hopefully we will prevail.
    Been a horrendous season.

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