Wishing Arabian Ian and the Arabs all the best tonight

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by Dragon Tyke, May 16, 2017.

  1. If you dont behave Ian 'Arab' Scotchster, I will create a NEW England shirt pic with your name on it..... and we dont want that controversy again do we ? :D
    What on earth is the rules these days Ian mate, when it comes to your team/and teams in the play offs.
    The Scotch play offs really confuse me, why did they ever pratt about with the original Jock league set up ?
  2. HaHaHa The rules are the Prem team has the best chance to survive.
    4th in Champ plays 3rd, 3rd away 1st
    winner plays 2nd home leg 1st.
    winner plays 2nd bottom of the prem with home game 1st.
    So we are now awaiting a home game v ICT or Hamilton.
    United were part of the agreeing to these rules which favour the prem team so only ourselves to blame.
  3. ps Ian - I edited out my original Al Murray comment because I didnt know if you knew of him or found him funny etc. :oops:

    Anyway kid, what are your Oakwell plans for next season, Im interested lol.
  4. Well I gave up my season ticket last year so nothing stopping me doing other things. Things are that bad at Tannadice these days.
    Lots of good looking games for me in Yorkshire to perhaps attend.
    BFC v Sheff Utd and Wed.
    I'd like to do a Sheff derby as I have a Sheff Utd friend I'd hope he might get me a ticket.
    I'm also friendly with a Boro fan so I might visit the Riverside at a BFC away game
  5. Al Murray? Does he own a pub?
  6. Yes theres some cracking looking Yorkie derbie doodle fixtures to look forward to Ian, and maybe even Middlesbrough will want to try to play a part.
    But none of us like Middlesbrough really, they arent accepted as either Yorkshire or the north east (Durham and the Geordies etc.). :p
  7. Never met the Boro fan. He is a work mate of my Sheff Utd friend and on my Facebook friends. Unfortunately he has started following Rangers. He is coming to Hampden for the Us v You lot soon so I might meet up with him then.
  8. As soon as you said the word 'Rangers' Ian, you lost me.

    But.... having said that, I think Id still prefer the Glasgie boloni double act duo to the dirty Fritzel Blunts Sheff United. :D (know what I mean eh lol)

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