Wow, what a moment

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by Gordon Owen, May 19, 2017.

  1. I knew at the time it was spine tingling.
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  2. I cried that day will never forget it
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  3. Something I'll never forget.
  4. Wonderful video thanks for posting.
    That was Our day. Can't be taken away from us. Supporters of the big clubs would never understand it.

    I actually feel a bit sorry for fans of Chelsea, Man U, Man City etc as they have experienced watching their teams victorious at the very top level, but have not felt the euphoria that we felt that day - because it was unique - OUR DAY.
  5. Happy happy Day

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  6. In a second I'm back there. Happiest day of my life sadly enough.
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  7. What stage of the day was this at??
  8. That made every single hair on my body stand up!
    Stood in the ponty, I have no idea who held the other side of my scarf...!
    What a day.
  9. Before kick-off. Best atmosphere ever at a Barnsley match
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  10. What a brilliant video. Thank you for posting it, Gordon, you're a good 'un.
    Can't believe it's twenty years ago, though.
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  11. I remember so much of that day vividly. That Bradford's away kit matched the sky. Ole Bjorn Sundgots multiple misses. That having gone back home to get changed and go out, I could hear singing in the town centre from virtually a mile away.

    Close your eyes and you're instantly back there. Incredible day from the original Premier League gatecrashers.
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  12. After full time whistle. Players had left the field to celebrate in the changing rooms. Something I will never forget trying to sing it with tears flowing down my face but what an occasion, they tried to do it again when we were all gathered round the tunnel but didn't have the same affect

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  13. It was before kick off just before the teams came out. Whistle went at the end, and for about 10 mins players could walk round the pitch, Wilson did but as soon as he got to where the corner stand is everyone invaded. Redfearn and Hendrie on fans shoulders and the fans then never left the pitch.

  14. This is the club video a day to remember it's about 40 minutes in

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  15. That's an edited video mate not the actual time line, there's Hendrie on the shoulders, then the pitch is clear and then the pitch invasion starting again in that clip. Once the fans went on they never went off. It's a load of clips thrown together at the end.
  16. I defo remember singing it at the final whistle

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  17. It was sung at the end with fans on the pitch and not through the tannoy.

    Can't remember our lasses birthday but I'm not bad with BFC stuff
  18. Was defo before kick off. It was very emotional. Years of slogging away and struggling and suddenly we were 90 minutes away from the promised land.
  19. Thanks for the replies. I was at the game but only 12 and the memory's are a bit faded. I remember coming down from the East Upper after the game to go onto the pitch :)

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