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  1. Spa
    Sparkfield red Hooky feller
    Did you send me a message Hooky
  2. Bri
    Brian Mahoneys Waist springvale red
    Hi springvale red.
    Any chance you can give me Kaths address as we'd like to send our condolences with a card to Kath and the family.
    Regards BMW
  3. Oskar Matzerath
    Oskar Matzerath
    Unreliable narrator.
  4. dav
  5. John Peachy
    John Peachy
    If Cosgrove is a footballer, I'm the Dali Llama.
  6. West Mids Tyke
  7. Red
    Love machine
  8. red
    Anyone know of any spaces on a coach for Bolton ? Car just gone tots up.
  9. Dragon Tyke
    Dragon Tyke pingiskola
    Was there any real need for that?
  10. HMP Red
    HMP Red
    I was framed! Like Roger the Rabbit
  11. thetykester
    thetykester arabian_ian
    Eh up mate, Watch it, shocking yet fascinating :-D
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  12. West Mids Tyke
  13. West Mids Tyke
    West Mids Tyke
  14. West Mids Tyke
  15. Prince of Risborough
    Prince of Risborough
    Formerly GloucesterRed but then moved to Princes Risborough, then Bircotes, then Harrogate and now East of York
  16. Red
    Red Rob Sestren
    Hey mate,

    Just on the back of our mortgage chat. I've seen that Skipton Building Society are offering 100% mortgages. There's a few terms around them, you must have a good credit score, be a first time buyer and can't borrow more than your current rent.

    Just thought I'd pass on in case this is helpful at all.


  17. RichK
    RichK Gally
    Morning Gally. Not sure if you've seen my other posts, and not sure how to message you directly, hopefully this is how.

    Can I change my username to RichK please?
  18. all
  19. Mr C
    Mr C jedi one
    Hello mate. It’s Paul, friend of Kev Herring. Just put your hands up mate & apologise to al concerned.
    To the park attendants , the club & to us in this board.
    I’ve met you a couple of times in the Ponty with Kev. & I know you’re not a bad bloke. I would hate to see you get a ban from Oakwell
    My Dad was frustrated military too. & I understand that better than most.
    Be a good soldier & apologise. All the best.
  20. Cap
    Capital Tyke Gordon Ottershaw
    Hi, could you e-mail me a map of the grave's location? I visited around 4 or 5 years ago, and couldn't find it.

    I'm intending to visit in the next few days, so it would help it not being a fruitless visit again!