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  1. Baz
    Bazza Gally
    Hi Gally just for respect to Bobby and his son can you remove the post about his son.
    I know everyone means well but it can't be easy for the lad when it's being discussed on the forum.
  2. portsmouth tyke
    portsmouth tyke SouthCoastTyke
    I mate, just been texting Jeff, he as asked me for your name if thats OK, cheers mate
    1. SouthCoastTyke
      Sure pal,, Lee Sheard
      Mar 17, 2021
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  3. old
    oldschooltyke sapphire red
    I recommend Rob to many of my famliy and friends and he's alway done a first rate job and at half the price of a window company.
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  4. old
    oldschooltyke sapphire red
    Here you go mate I've a couple of numbers for you.
    Rob 07527851835 he fitted my windows.

    Jason 07917208028 another good lad from tarn, no way would I be paying some of the prices quoted on here.

    Good luck.
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    2. sap
      sapphire red
      Just to let you know re new windows the two numbers you gave me the first I`ve left a couple of messages but not heard anything back, the second comes back as "not recognised"
      Mar 18, 2021
  5. fat
    Many thanks much appreciated
  6. T!ke
    T!ke fatalbert
    Code for saturday


    Login in n go to next match. Put card details in as if your buying it n add code. Should dicount it to zero
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  7. T!ke
    T!ke Bazza

    Login in n go to next match. Put card details in as if your buying it n add code. Should dicount it to zero
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  8. LiverpoolRed
  9. sadbrewer
    sadbrewer John Peachy
    Hi JP, I can't decide if this is a does it come through to you.
  10. bob
    bobbyknut Mr C
    Cheers. Payment should be with you this morning
  11. Mr C
    Mr C
    Will bob em in post tomorrow..
  12. Mr C
  13. bob
    bobbyknut Mr C
    Any of those paintings left mate?
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    2. Mr C
      Mr C
      Yes mate. Want a couple?
      Dec 15, 2020
    3. bob
      Yes please mate. 4 Schofield place darfield, s739ea. Can pay with paypal
      Dec 16, 2020
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  14. Snaptin
    Snaptin Mr C
    I'd like a copy please mate
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    2. Mr C
      Mr C
      send me delivery address & preferred method of paymet. ta.. x
      Nov 14, 2020
    3. Mr C
      Mr C
      Hi mate, do you still want the oakwell prints? Cheers, C
      Nov 23, 2020
  15. Dalestykes
    Dalestykes Mr C
    I’ll take the Paintings please Mr C. Just let me know what details I need to send you.
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    3. Dalestykes
      That's gone Paul. Address. 2 St Mathews Terrace, Leyburn.DL85EL. Cheers.
      Nov 16, 2020
    4. Dalestykes
      Did you get this Paul?
      Nov 20, 2020
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    5. Mr C
      Mr C
      yes, mate. will post on monday. cheers.
      Nov 21, 2020
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  16. KFC
    KFC Gravy Chips
    Hi Mr Chips - any chance I can get your link for the stream please?
  17. thetykester
  18. sta
    starbreaker Gravy Chips
    Can u send me the link please
  19. lk3
    Cheers, thanks for responding, sounds like my issues are minor compared to yourself.
  20. Nottinghamtyke
    Nottinghamtyke lk311
    Hello, in response this virus clearly seems to affect people differently. For me the cough was only really at the first stage along with the high temperature. In relation to my recovery I dont really have a continued cough. Regarding the breathlessness it feels like I am not using the full lung capacity as I used to have before Covid. All the best to you on your recovery.