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  1. Winker
    Bridlington Red
  2. dearnevalleyviper
    dearnevalleyviper Stephen Dawson
    I’m kippa from wath mucker…you’ll know my ugly mush if you see it…..I’m on Facebook if you want to see it
  3. jac
    jackrussell Come on Tarn
    Hi pal.
    Who are you.

  4. mick woodhouse
    mick woodhouse admin
    I would like to change my name please . I do I do it
  5. Brush
    Retired but not retiring....
  6. Eas
    Eastanders Cunning Stunt
    Hey do you know of any weekender spaces left for Plymouth? Just inquiring at the minute. I’m off on the courthouse for the day trip but would much prefer to do an over night
  7. jptykes
    Veni, Vidi, Abdicari
  8. wak
    wakeyred Goldthorpe-Red
    thanks for the tip for parking at the Apollo, i used that carpark on the roundabout you suggested.
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  9. Air
    Airon c redscue Redhelen
    Hi Helen, I hope you don't mind me contacting you but I noticed you used the show films first voucher to go to Doncaster races the other day. I have also purchased tickets for Chic but can only see a voucher code. I can't see any downloadable tickets. Is this right do you just present the code at the turnstiles? I'm not certain if I should risk it or am I missing something?
    1. Redhelen
      We just showed my email confirming the tickets to the showfilms first table and it got exchanged for a ticket to get through the turnstiles.
      Jun 14, 2022
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  10. t'owd man
    t'owd man Geddiswasguud
    call or text me on 07791286404
  11. thetykester
  12. juttyp
    Member of the 135 club !
  13. GP1
    GP186 only1kp
    The Iptv I use is done through a private what’s app group, it’s just a case of texting him, telling him you have been recommended and he will talk you through the set up and take payment. It’s the best I’ve ever used. I’ve recommended him to 6/7 of my mates and they are all impressed, I’ve been using it for 18months
  14. Cap
    Capital Tyke SouthCoastTyke
    Hi, try

    Working ok for me.
  15. Tyk
    Tykelynda RedMonk
    Yes. Addicted.
  16. Nor
    NorfolkRed Red Rob
    Hello mate, when I'm disease free we'll have to meet up for a beer. Where in the city have you moved to?

    1. Red
      Red Rob
      Hi Chris, Had the plague as well over Christmas. It sucks for the 10 days, but having full immunity when you're put the other side is great!

      We're still house hunting at the moment, but with the inlaws in the south west at the moment.

      Give me a shout if you're 'up city' and we can grab a beer and discuss Barnsley's sorry plight.

      Jan 9, 2022
  17. sadbrewer
  18. dee
    We have second season schopp not syndrome
  19. Jimmy viz
    Jimmy viz
    Grove street posse
  20. Fev
    Fev Red Dartonred1990
    Not sure if this is a pm mate never sent one before
    1. Dar
      07792924792 text me mate
      Oct 23, 2021