28th November 1998.

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    I worked in Wakefield in 1998 and the majority of the workforce supported either Leeds or Huddersfield.
    The Director, Head of HR, a top guy in IT and myself were in isolation by supporting the Reds.
    On the run up to our game with Huddersfield, the Town fans on the 28th they had been saying what they were going to do to us.
    On the run up I' d gone into work to find they had dressed my desk in blue and white scarves and rosettes with a blue sign on my chair which read " Yorkshires No 1".
    Come the game I couldn't believe what I was watching. Higgy 2, Ashley, Eric, Bruce and an absolute screamer from Darren put us up 6-0 at the break. Bruce added a seventh in the second half and Delroy Faeces pulled one back to make the final score 7-1 at the final whistle.
    Unbeknown to anybody the IT guy had obtained the Directors permission to have a laugh at Town supporters expense.
    In the canteen we had two big plasmas screens linked to CD/ video playing facilities. The staff were able to watch topical TV programmes or the news over the two hour period the lunch period lasted.
    Over the weekend the IT guy had put together a video of our seven goals with commentary and deafening background music.
    The whole thing was on a loop so it ran over and over for the entire two hours lunch break period.
    As everybody started to come in for their break he set it going. It was absolute quality to see all the Town fans squirming and in fact a lot of them did a runner. Again unbeknown to them the IT guy had put a new screen saver on their computers.
    When they got back to their desks after the dinner break instead of the usual company logo he had put a still of Darren Barnards cross field volley on their PC's.
    That game will live with me forever. It was absolutely magic.

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