The league Cup games 81/82

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    Sweet Home Bingley.
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    Man City at home was the best atmosphere ever at Oakwell, it summed up what BFC was about at that time;- cracking team, superb atmosphere, big crowds at home and away and a manager in Norman Hunter who was a couple of games away from being the best manager we've had. Superb times, and the buzz when big Trev headed the winner made you think we were on the edge of something really special.
    In that run we gave some teams a real pummelling. Trevs special against top flight Brighton in a 4-1 (?) triumph summed up the way were playing week in week out.
    The games against Liverpool in that run were almost a culmination of all that NH achieved, we'd arrived, we were taking on the best (possibly the best team there's EVER been) and we not only held our own, we went to Anfield and drew. Not that we could see, the 15,000 or so fans who made the trip (cos of fog like you've never come across since !)but did we care ? No chance. I bunked off school that afternoon, got stuck on the M62 and got into Anfield with 10 mins to go.
    The replay was foggy too, and as a Ponty-ender it was weird standing there while the message got passed around that Colin Walker had put is in front. Talk about delayed response !
    Alas it was not to be, we lost and the injuries that happened at the end of that season caused us to miss promotion to the top flight and the dream-team fell apart not long after and obviously big NH was chopped.
    My happiest times following the Reds !

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