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    Barnsley (full width)
    I saw my first Barnsley game in 1962 but didn't start going regularly until the 66/67 season optimism buoyed up after England had won the World Cup in the summer of '66. As old timers will testify that season didn't start too well for us. Rock bottom of the old Fourth Division (league 2 in modern money) until the Board splashed the cash (10 grand) on Johnny Evans and Barry Thomas which kickstarted the change in fortunes which saw us promoted the follow season.

    I have that same sense of optimism going in to the 2018/19 season that I had 52 years ago, thanks to England's 2018 World Cup exploits. Two lads who we can stake a claim on in the shape of Kieran Trippier and our own Stonesy made it all the more special.

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