A club with over £10m in the bank from recent transfers

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  1. Sitting on the verge of the play-offs and with one of the league's top goalscorers a key part of the first team would be absolutely fcuking crazy to sell that player for any amount of money in my opinion. They would need certifying if they were to sell that player to a rival team regardless of what colour shirt they wear.

    And if a player, ANY PLAYER, tried to force a sideways move to a rival club then they would be sat in the reserves for the next few months until their contract expires. Not to punish the player but simply because if you lose a good player from your first team you have weakened your team, if you transfer them to a rival you have weakened your team AND boosted theirs. Dropping the player for 5 months is from an on pitch point of view significantly less damaging than handing him over to a rival.
  2. Dropping them would probably ward off any interest too... Double whammy..
  3. What message would that send out to future signings ?
  4. Don't f*ck about with us when you're under contract.
  5. But that is club policy buy cheap sell on to anybody regardless.
  6. Top post Super Tyke 100% correct.
  7. That if you wish to progress your career and use bfc as a stepping stone then we will not stand in your way but if you simply want to jump ship to a club in the same division and make a sideways move then unfortunately you will have to honour the contract which you sign. Do you have ambition to make a move up or are you the kind of player who is happy to go side to side? If you are the former then come and join us, if you are the latter then maybe we have made an error in targeting you as your ambitions do not match ours
  8. have to agree ST, BUT...

    if we have put in a clause that allows a player to talk with other clubs, and then another club triggers that clause...then we are helpless. Also we would have to inform the player if a club triggers such a clause. Its then down to the player.
  9. Re: have to agree ST, BUT...

    We've been told we don't have to sell. We have been told we won't sell unless too good to turn down.

    My strong feeling is there are no clauses. The only way any player will leave is for huge money.

    I hope the players are all just focussed on getting 3 points and not letting daft rumours worry them.
  10. I think your being a bit naive tbh.
  11. I'm not sure all the players would see moving to Leeds or Wednesday as 'sideways'. Especially if they're doubling their money.
  12. Do we actually have over £10 m in the bank ? How much do we as a club owe to the Cryne family ??
  13. Re: have to agree ST, BUT...

    what clause. Why is everyone saying Winnall has a clause in his contract?
  14. I did say ..... IF..... mate

    I would like to think that the only clauses we are putting are sell on clauses, but I would think these days that most contracts have clauses in them.... like Morsy for instance, we have triggered a clause on him, or so we are led to believe.
  15. Good Post ST.

    Unfortunately player power now takes over. Players want contracts but very few of them are prepared to see them out. Big club makes it known they want a player. Player gets restless and agent will step in to secure the move.

    Stop it happening and you have a very unhappy player not giving a toss about playing for the team paying him his wages. Becomes a vicious circle.

    Not a good situation for BFC who will lose either way.
  16. Doubt £10m is sat in the bank. A big chunck I'd have thought would have been paid back to PC to cover the money he's been subsidising the club with over the years. Another chunck will be set aside to cover future losses and future wage bills.
  17. Everyone is in panic mood due to gossip and rumour.

    Nothing has happened. Folk need to calm down a little.
  18. https://youtu.be/rjxseHuUSYI
  19. I think the most damning thing from the club is the radio silence on the matter. In the past 12 months they've been very quick to respond to baseless rumours and reassure fans. Unfortunately on this occasion they're sticking to their pre-planned posts and not addressing the concerns. Probably a sign that we are genuinely considering bids.
  20. Most of it is hidden under a mattress in a secret location.

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