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  1. Hecky's positivity about the club and it's people, and his belief that we can and must do even better is infectious. It's a huge ask - the job of both rebuilding the squad and then getting it ready to fly from the start of August. If we crack this close season we may have the building blocks to build a stable Championship team going forward - especially if we can do better on the contracts. But no-one should doubt what a huge, huge ask it is. There are many who think staying up this year was nearly better than getting up in the first place. Staying up next year will be even more of an achievement.
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    I dont think thats fair though if anybody is putting pressure on Hecky to 'must do better' next season.
    We didnt do badly this season did we and I get the feeling that theres mounting pressure on Hecky now because of all these extra signings hes got to make.

    How many times though are we going to keep doing this to ourselves, where a massive summer re-build is needed and we find ourselves saying its a really big season ahead once again!
    Every single season seems to become more bigger than the last one for us, does anybody else think this ?
  3. There was a general depression about the sales in January. As you know my view was that it was inevitable given the level of budget spending that we have as compared to others in our division. I always argued that we would spend in the summer, and I hope that the prediction proves correct. But it is far too soon to have any confidence that the new squad will be better than the old one. We have to get the recruitment 90% right, the players have to gel, they have to learn from the coaches and we have to have a lot of luck with injuries, form and circumstances. That is a lot to ask. We are potentially assembling a squad that will take us through the next 3 years, and the new team may take all of that time to reach its potential. So let us have no false expectations, no inflated expectations about next season and let us curb the inevitable backlash when things do not go as we hope or expect. We will still have one of the lowest budgets in the league next season, and let us remember that fact.
  4. The simple fact is that January was a failure. I don't blame the club for the players going, however we should have done far better in terms of recruitment. We should have had three further signings, all of whom would now have half a season's Championship experience under their belt. I get that the lad from Luton was unlucky to break his leg at that point, and he may have been in at the time, but we had an opportunity to bed in a few players and we didn't take it. Now we need half a squad.
  5. No, Acido Tyke - the only person putting pressure on Hecky is himself. And all he is saying is that we will need to do even better just in order to match this season - for many of the reasons Red Rain expounds above. I personally think finishing 21st next season would be a massive achievement - and perfectly acceptable. If we can manage that we can then move forward.
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  6. As we need so many new players now, the likelihood that we'll lose as many players as we did last season, this summer or in January is much slimmer. It gives us 2 windows to begin to build a core again. Sadly with the level of wages we can afford to pay for players makes it increasingly difficult to hold onto them beyond the first year of their contract if they do impress.

    Many fans on here criticise the club for not offering 3-4 year deals at the start of players contracts, I was reading a forum the other day (probably St Mirren) and they were critical of their club for offering deals as long as 2 years. Swings and roundabouts I suppose.

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