All this trust in Labour and the NHS

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  1. The biggest privatisation of the NHS was carried out by a Labour Government with the PFI, and caused a similar amount of damage to the Education system. How much is this going to cost the various departments budgets over the next 30 years.
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  2. New Labour. You might have noticed the current model is quite different.
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  3. Exactly.

    Incidentally, have you read the Conservative's manifesto? It's unfathomable, their policies seem to alientate their core supporters.
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  4. Don't mention that piece of common sense on a Barnsley forum otherwise you will be like a banned fox being torn to pieces. Ducking.
  5. He's mentioned it. He hasn't been banned.

    It's irrelevant to the Labour Party of today like.

  6. You mean it was carried out by a left wing Tory who joined the Labour party because he knew the Tories wouldn't have him anywhere near their top spot. Do he hijacked the labour party and ruined it for all socialists...
  7. Bit ridiculous really, all the 'socialist' schemes that had any real value were destroyed by Labour. NHS funding didn't rise enough to cope with the increasing numbers of people that were using it post-2004 (a lot of the increased investment went on middle-management). This went on for so long that it can't really be fixed.

    The amazing one for me was the introduction of tuition fees, a modest amount at first, increasing to amounts which give people crippling debt before they've even started to work! This was followed up with years of propaganda telling young people that they won't get anywhere without a degree in a system where you merely have to turn up for three years in order to get said degree so we now have an abundance of, apparently, highly-educated people who aren't very good, whilst those with actual talent and intelligence fall through the cracks.
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  8. Very true I raised it on here a few week back and was told the same corbyn doesn't agree. Maybe not but the last labour government has crippled my local nhs trust and no doubt many others up and down the country. http://www.pontefractandcastleforde...nderfields-and-pontefract-hospitals-1-6874933
  9. And JC voted against PFI
  10. Love a good sweeping statement about university degrees.
  11. I've got a 17 year old. She wants to go to Uni next year to study medicine. Five years at Uni, £50k in tuition fees plus a similar amount in living expenses plus years of training and hard work on top of that. And this is for something that we need in this country.
  12. They are. New Labour carried it on with "the third way".

    Labour today is not the same party in terms of policies. If we can elect a Labour Government of this platform we will see reversing of the NHS cuts and the ending of any new PFI schemes if not getting shut of old ones.
  13. No chance of getting rid of old ones now damage has been done thanks tony.
  14. The Tories stand for privatisation. It's their raison d'etre
  15. There's no defence for the poor value for money of some of the PFI deals that were signed under the Blair government, particularly in the era of his favourite Tory minister Alan Milburn.

    However, just to add some factual balance to this thread, PFI was commenced under the Major government. The NHS capital expenditure manual that introduced PFI features on its introductory page the sinister smile of one Brian Mawhinney, late of incompetent football administration.

    After the abject neglect of the NHS estate through the Thatcher years NHS Trusts facing the need to replace crumbling, inadequate and often dangerous premises (asbestos, Victorian buildings, nightingale wards, legionella, concrete cancer, fire risk etc etc) were then told that there would be no public capital available for new hospitals. To quote the then Conservative minister, the mantra was that "PFI was the only game in town".

    PFIs were incredibly complex to procure, negotiate and contract. Even before that point in the process, getting through all the various stages of DH and Treasury approval to get to tender stage took years and woe betide if you if you produced a case showing the public capital option to be cheaper - you were invariably sent back to stage one until you came up with PFI as the preferred option.

    Within this context, most and certainly all of the biggest NHS PFIs, although many were signed under Labour, were pretty much unstoppably commenced under the Tories. For example, the hospital I worked at in London signed its PFI contract in 2001/2 for building of a new hospital to start thereafter but the process to get to contract signing commenced under the Tories in the mid-1990s.

    As I said, I make this point in the interest of balance, not in defence of either of the two different types of Tories that oversaw PFI when they were in power between 1990 and 2010.
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  16. You sod letting facts get in the way of bigoted poorly researched views...

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  17. Do you know what there's nothing wrong with Privatising certain aspects of the NHS
    .. For example should the NHS employ. could it cost less for a third party to cut the grass etc. Allowing for cash to be spent on front line services. Its all about getting the biggest bang for your buck
  18. Yet people still blindly voted for new labour because it had the word labour in it. Cheers tony, loving terrorism on our capitals streets.

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