All this trust in Labour and the NHS

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  1. Indeed. They demonise a section of people and people are convinced that this is the norm because that's exactly what tbe establishment want.

    The financial crisis is a prime example. Instead of blaming the bankers the press and millionaires like Farage convinced people that it was immigrants fault that they were in a low paid dead end jobs. Can't see a doctor? It's nothing to do with cut backs and tbe governments ideological agents it's foreigners.

    Vicious but genius I have to admit.
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  2. Too right then they wonder why so many working class folk don't even bother voting.
  3. Only three family's churning kids out?

    I can name five lasses I grew up with who have multiple sprogs with no chance of ever getting a job.

    Some of these kids are now old enough to vote.
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  4. Three families involved in benefit fraud that I dealt with. More widely speaking the percentage of people claiming benefits with more than 3 children represented (2015 stats) less than 3 percent of people claiming benefits from

  5. You sure?? Everyone knew the banking crisis was not down to foreigners. This whole if you slag labour off you rascis and read the daily mail is pathetic seriously get a grip. If they was a vote tomorrow and someone put a gun to my head and made me vote corbyn would get my vote but this thread started by stating facts about blair privatising the nhs and that got defended and the work shy spongers never had it as easy under blair now that is been defended.
  6. Could we have that in English?
  7. Is English your first language?

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    It's not fraud if the man in charge is making it easy for them to milk the system, I think you now only get government benefits with your 1st 2 children, heartless I know.
  9. Is the minimum wage really a good thing? Bit difficult to go too deep into my thinking on what you probably see as a ridiculous argument (most people do), but do some research on's thought in some circles that having a defined minimum wage actually oppresses the wages of non-skilled workers, it's essentially 'price-fixing' which in most markets in this country is illegal.

    But honestly, do a bit of reading on it, I'm not saying it's wrong or right, but the arguments against having a minimum wage are quite compelling.
  10. True, I don't want to see anyone live in poverty but when people who aren't in work have a much better life than those who try their best and contribute to society then there's something wrong. The headlines will always focus on "benefit cuts"; is it a really a cut because the payments haven't risen with inflation? Who's wage has? And now Labour want to start throwing more money at people who have no intention of working despite being fit and able...thank the lord they won't get in!!
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  11. The figures for people with more than 3 kids claiming benefits are prior to any changes. A tiny percentage of people. Look at the Governments own statistics. As for the changes its a difficult one should children be punished for the actions of their parents?
  12. Any sort of independent research shows that the benefit culture you describe was at its height during Thatcher as a result of her interventions in industry. It also shows that the biggest contributory factor to the increase in benefits was the right to buy scheme and the explosion in the cost of rents. I don't defend anyone manipulating the system in fact working as someone tasked with catching them for years I probably tale a harder line than most people on here but at the same time all this fake news is depressing.

    I can tell you from years of first hand experience that people claiming long term benefits have a very poor quality of life and certainly weren't better off than those in work. Interestingly over the last couple of years this seems to have changed with the in work poor just as desperate as those on benefits. Nurses and coppers using foodbanks makes a good headline and I'm not generally sure if there are many of them. What I do know having volunteered at a foodbank for the last 6 years is that the make up of people coming has changed. It used to be by and large people on benefits now it's probably 60- 70 percent people in work who come.

    Better to have a government that cares for its people and occasionally get things wrong than one that will literally steal food from the mouths of kids and nick from the dead.
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