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  1. Got to hand it to Hemsy. He's made a good fist of that article, even spell-checked it.
  2. Hemsy didn't write it...
    I know he didn't.
    Because he never mentioned that he'd been to 23 games..
    No 25 games...
  3. Nice picture of the flag too :)
  4. To be fair to the person who's done that article it's a good read.

    The only think I would say. On the cut in picture against Birmingham I don't think it's that bad him cutting in there because, it's are you good enough to beat Davies from 18 year out? The defence for me should push out towards the 15 yard mark and make it difficult for Adams.

    If he went down the line he could pull the ball back across the 6 yard box and it would be really difficult to defend against.
  5. Who's the defender in question who should be pushing out? It's a blurred picture. Is it the number 4?
  6. Roberts by a yard or two and AM to get in line with Roberts.
  7. Ah. Marc Roberts. I see.
  8. Bloody Roberts is to blame for Odejayi missing that sitter at Wembley too. Still not forgiven him.

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