And Wednesday are relegated

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    I have too many Reds memories to tell, however the game that stands out in my mind was a washday match at Hillsborough. It was at the the end of the 75/76 season and Washday needed to beat Southampton to stay up. Myself and another reds fan went along to cheer southampton on. Unfortunatly due to our accents the police wouldn't let us stand with the Southampton fans so we stood on the kop quiet as mice that is until Southampton scored the winner in the dying seconds. We couldn't hold our selfs back any longer we jumped up & down like maniacs. To say the 500 + fowls on the kop were not best pleased is an understatement and we were led out of the ground by 4 very nice policemen who then allowed what seemed like the entire population of Sheffield to chase us back into town.

    It was worth it though Wednesday were relegated and I was there!! You reds

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