anyone bought a Teco Hudl tablet??

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  1. that should be Tesco btw

    if so are they any good. The specifications seem impressive. Does it support flash player and therefore the various catch up TV stuff like BBC Iplayer etc??
  2. Is it on prescription?
  3. now that was hysterically really


  4. Havent bought one but have heard its a decent bit of kit especially for the price. Almost on par with the old Nexus 7 although I believe it only has a 1gig of system memory which might make it slower for multitasking.

    If your budget can stretch another 80 quid then the new Nexus 7 is as good as it gets at the moment for 7" tablets. I have got one of those at its brilliant!
  5. Don't think Android 4 supports flash (might be a hack for it). There are apps for all the catch up tv stuff. Iplayer also allows downloads for Android I believe now.
  6. Re: now that was hysterically really

    Yep, already voted. 2hat.
  7. Re: now that was hysterically really

    I work at tesco but as a Van driver and I picked a leaflet up about it just out of curiosity and it's basically just a Kindle Fire in a bright coloured shell. The specs seem good mind and they've been selling at an unbelievable rate and is great value for money. Last week when it came out it was on a staff deal for 89 quid, so I could have got you it for a good price there mate, unfortunately that deal ain't on now.
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    All about the iPad
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    fortunately it isn't. i've got the best of both worlds now (iOS and Android) and they both have positive and negative points, but overall they are both brilliant. you really aren't missing out on much by picking one over the other (apart from that 200 or so quid if you stump up for an iPad :p )
  10. Had an IPad but wanted a smaller more portable version so got the Nexus 7 awesome bit of kit and nearly half the price of 32gb IPad mini.

    Think apples time of fleecing people could be almost at an end tablet wise.
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    I work at tesco too, I'm a picker :)

    I don't think they look to bad to be fair, not had a go on one yet though, decent enough price anyway.
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    Which store you at mate? Stairfoot or Hemsworth?
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    Not any more. Just sold our older iPad for a Nexus 7. Outperforms the iPad mini and its half the cost. Android is just as good as iOS now in my opinion (have both types of device and have been a bit of an apple fan boy)
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    Stairfoot mate, what about you?
  15. I agree the nexus 7 is very smooth and feels a lot more expensive than it actually is - not used a Hudl but I'd be surprised if they were anywhere near as responsive.

    Although I believe Apples products are generally very overrated - an iPad definitely gives the best experience of the bigger tablets but the android ones are getting better at the premium end.
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    That's the iPad mini though, not the iPad.

    I think the integration between devices is cracking. Can't get that with the other products.

    Plus it's an iPad. IMO Apple will still be on top for a long time I think.
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    Same for the top end large android tablets which are also cheaper than there apple equivalent (Samsung Galaxy range etc)
    Havent really come across too many problems with integration between Android devices either.

    Don't get me wrong I like apple products but I don't really think there's much between them an the top end Android devices anymore. In some case (like the Nexus 7) apple aren't leading the technology. Same as their phones now. There are better android phones.
  18. so does the nexus allow you onto the bbc Iplayer ?

    or any of the catch up T.V. thingies
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    I still believe the iPhone is the best available phone there is. Personally i love it, but i know others don't. Although they tend to be people that have a hatred of apple for some reason.

    You dont get people queueing up outside of Samsung shops all over the world so Apple must still be doing something right IMO.
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    Stairfoot! Unlucky on being a picker, really have no idea how anyone could do that so I take my hat off to you. Another evening shift for me tonight, the joys.

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