At Oakwell today....

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board ARCHIVE' started by Mr C, Mar 6, 2013.

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  2. Is she our new left back?:p
  3. Afraid not. Wages.... :(

    And she's about 90 in dog years. Still faster than Kennedy though.
  4. Got 2 good left feet though ;)
  5. I've got a Jack Russell too.... she's a bit fat though .... could still outrun Mido I bet.
  6. I'm chuckling at hound for a pound now :D
  7. I can remember old men taking their dogs when I first started going. They would always be one or two standing on the corner section between Paddock and Ponty. :)
  8. Following on from last season's successful "Hound for a Pound" promotion, the club are delighted to announce a new initiative, "More Terriers The Merrier"

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