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    I have a rainy day project of scanning Barnsley programmes both home and away into a digital archive. I've been lucky enough to be given access to a near complete collection so I've started at 1944-5 season and have reached the end of 1967-68.

    The following is a list of missing programmes from the archive. Some of the Friendlies mentioned are still to be proved to have taken place (Particularly Cumbernauld and Barnet away from 1968). If you have any copies mentioned or anything prior to 1944 and would like to contribute please send me a PM.

    Seas Date Ven Opp Comp 1944/5 to 1967/8
    44-45 25-Dec-44 Away Bradford PA War League
    44-45 28-Oct-44 Away Chesterfield War League
    44-45 09-May-45 Away Huddersfield War League
    44-45 17-Feb-45 Away Hull City War League
    44-45 04-Nov-44 Away Mansfield T War League
    44-45 25-Nov-44 Away Rotherham U War League
    44-45 08-May-45 Home Huddersfield War League
    45-46 13-Mar-45 Away Manchester C War League
    45-46 01-Sep-45 Away Preston NE War League
    45-46 08-May-46 Home Sheffield Wed County Cup
    46-47 25-Aug-46 Home Reds v Whites Friendly
    47-48 28-Feb-48 Away Grimsby T Friendly
    48-49 04-May-49 Away Ferryhill Ath Friendly
    49-50 11-Mar-50 Away Bury League
    49-50 15-Oct-49 Away Leicester C League
    49-50 02-May-50 Away St Mirren Friendly
    49-50 11-Feb-50 Home Manchester C Friendly
    51-52 24-Apr-52 Away Boston Friendly
    51-52 29-Mar-52 Away Leicester C League
    51-52 ??? Home Reds v Blues Friendly
    51-52 05-Jan-52 Home West Ham League
    52-53 03-Apr-53 Away Blackburn R League
    52-53 18-Apr-53 Home Leicester C League
    53-54 06-Mar-54 Away Carlisle U League
    53-54 12-Sep-53 Away Darlington League
    53-54 13-Oct-53 Away Falkirk Friendly
    53-54 20-Mar-54 Away Grimsby T League
    53-54 07-Nov-53 Away Stockport C League
    54-55 04-Dec-54 Away Carlisle U League
    54-55 29-Jan-55 Away Wrexham League
    54-55 ??? Home Reds v Blues Friendly
    62-63 Circa Mar 63 Away Rotherham U Friendly
    63-64 09-Apr-64 Away Doncaster R CC SF
    63-64 17-Dec-63 Home Denaby United CC 1st
    67-68 ??? Away Barnet Friendly
    67-68 07-Aug-67 Away Chesterfield Friendly
    67-68 13-May-68 Away Cumbernauld United Friendly

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